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The Wasted Days of Summer

As I browse Facebook quite often and look over the post that my teacher friends in England keep putting up, I see the joy in the culmination of another school year for them. I think back to a month or so ago when our school year was ending as well, and I remember the mixed feelings that were washing over me. I was lucky enough to have an absolutely wonderful class this past year and, though I was so excited to spend some time with the new addition to my family, I was also going to be very sad to see those kids move on.

Now, with our su20140722-131744-47864995.jpgmmer here more than half finished, I think to myself, “What happened to the rest of summer?” Truly, like all summers, it has gone by so quickly. But, this year was different. Those days that I spent doing “nothing”, I was actually doing something. In fact, right now, as I sit and type this, I’m doing that “something”. The window is open, the fan is blowing over head, and my little boy is sound asleep in his Little Lounger right next to me. His eyes are gently shut, and his little lips are twitching as he feels around for his missing pacifier.

The Duke has grown up this summer. He’s gained weight, grew taller, started to eat solid food, and is ever so close to rolling over. So, as the new school year comes around, and I look back on my “wasted days”, I can honestly say to myself, they were not wasted. They were spent watching something amazing happen. My baby grew.

Enjoy the rest of summer. I know I will.


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