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Back to School, Back to School

Well, we are officially on the eve before the first day.  I know that I’m super excited to see all those awkward, shy, anxious, nervous, smiling faces tomorrow.  I hope you all are as excited to see me as well.  

Last year, as part of our narrative writing unit, I authored a book entitled, “Help!  My Teacher’s a Boy!”  This book is very appropriate for the first day of school for many of my students.  Most of the fourth graders who are new in my class this year will have never had a “boy” teacher before.  I understand being a little scared.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m a little taller than most people and my hair sticks up another 2-3 inches making me look even taller!  

What I want all of you new students to know and you parent out there as well, is that I’m not there to terrify, or to be mean, or to scare the living day lights out of anyone.  I promise that I will do my best to encourage, challenge, guide and inspire each of the students that walks through my door.  Whether they come in afraid or not.  

So, as you send your students to Dayton Elementary School tomorrow, Wednesday August 13th, 2014, know that they are in good hands.  There will be plenty of work throughout the year, but more often than not, your students will come home having learned something new, read something amazing, and will get off that bus with a big smile on their face!


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