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First Day, Half Way

Well, today has been great so far! We have covered classroom expectations, the specials schedule, shuttle riders schedule and much much more. We even got started on a new book by Neil Gaiman entitled, “Fortunately the Milk”.

As part of our getting to know you festivities, the students were asked to create something out of Play-Doh that in some way represented them. Madison decided to create this lovely spider. Apparently she is one of the few students who is not afraid of them!


While reading to the students, Riley thought it pertinent to show off her special “Wednesday” socks which, turned out not to be special at all! She has a cool pair for each day of the week!


We are currently engrossed in writing down the intricate details of our lives! The students are hard at work on their Narrative Writing Pre-Assessments. I l love finding out where each one is in their writing journey and seeing the growth that they are able to make throughout the course of the school year. Enjoy the following pics knowing how much effort each student put forth!





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