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Math Notebooks

Well, today we started work in our math notebooks that we will keep for the school year. Unfortunately some of the students had to borrow one from Ms. Walter, and now she has made Beliebers out of all of them!

We started to look at place value, and different ways to write numbers today in math. For example, the number 350,124 could be written in word form as three hundred fifty thousand, one hundred and twenty-four. It could also be written in expanded form as 300,000+50,000+100+20+4.

Most of the students picked this up very quickly today. If you ever have questions about math, or any other subject for that matter, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to get a tutorial up here for you. I know that I’m not always the best at explaining things, but I’ll always do what I can to help out.


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