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Young Hoosier Book Awards

Good Afternoon,

This year Dayton Elementary, along with the other elementary schools in TSC, will have the opportunity to participate in the Young Hoosier Book Awards.

At the end of the year, Indiana students vote on the book and select the winners.

 There are 20 Intermediate Books for grades 4 and 5.   There are 20 picture books for K-3.  Each book has a special label on it, so it can easily be identified. 

 Participation in grades 4 and 5 will be voluntary.  Students who read all 20 books and pass the AR tests ,will be invited to a Pizza and Ice Cream Party in May.  Students who read 10 books and pass the AR tests,  will be invited to an ice cream party in May.  Any  students who reads 5 books will vote at the end of the year for their favorite book.  I will chart the student’s progress and organize the vote.   So this should not involve any extra responsibilities or work  for you.   

 For grades K-3 I will read the 20 picture books to the students and all will vote on their favorite at the end of the year.  

 We currently have a copy of each of the nominees, however more copies will be ordered.  

 If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to ask. 



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