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Dayton Elementary School Fun Run

Fun Run Boosterthon
We have an amazing opportunity starting in September to raise some money for playground renovations! Your child will be participating in a Fun Run. These are excellent events that help raise money and encourage good exercise.
We will have a pep rally September 4th to get everyone excited and pass out their pledge books. These pledge books will be used to record pledges that they receive per lap. Please have your child ask family, friends, and maybe even neighbors to help out our school. The pledges will need to be updated online (website coming soon) so that your child can receive prizes for the pledges they receive. Then all the pledge books will be collected September 11th.
On Friday, September 12th we will be participating in the Fun Run. During this time your child will run their little heart out and raise tons of money for our new playground renovations. Please keep in mind, they will want their running shoes this day.
I know you will all be just as excited and ready to help out as I am. I think the kids will absolutely love both the Fun Run and their new playground additions!


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