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Geniuses at Work



Genius Hour.  One of my favorite activities to start with the students.  Today, I introduced the 4th grade students to Genius Hour.  During their genius hour, the students have the opportunity for one hour a week to study and learn about something that they normally wouldn’t be studying.  They essentially are given the opportunity to become the teacher about this topic.  

For this first Genius Hour project of the year, I have kept the parameters on and have been fairly constrictive.  Depending upon the creativity and effort that I see as they IMG_1543.JPGwork these next few weeks, those parameters will hopefully be removed and by the time the students begin working on their second project, all reigns will be off.  They will then have the opportunity to be as unique and creative as possible. Even selecting their own topic and using as many different resources as possible.  


I have attached the rubric that I will be using to assess them below.  Please click the link if you are interested in checking it out.  Help your student in any way to be as creative and think as far outside the box on this activity as possible.  It truly can become one of the best projects for students working at a high ability level.  

The topic this time is a state of their choice in the United States.  



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