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Connotation Discussion

It’s not every day that we get to sit back and assess the students in a nonconventional setting. As teachers, we are constantly keeping track of their growth with graphs, charts, and as much data as we possibly can. Today however, was a little different.

As we are reviewing the first three units of our vocabulary lessons, we took a look today at the connotations of different words. Connotations are the emotional feelings that words give off. A good example of this is to look at the difference between the words, interview, and interrogate. Both have very similar meaning, however the word interrogate brings a definite negative vibe along with it.

Connotations are not an easy thing to deal with because they don’t always incite the same feelings in each person, or even in different settings. So, the discussion that ensued was brilliant. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to sit back and think about feelings that certain words gave them. They tried to look for situations where one word would give off a different feeling from another situation. There were no right or wrong answers, only ideas being shared.

As a teacher, I was blown away by the amount of growth that I saw and the amount of knowledge that was being transferred, not from me to the students, but from student to student. Now, there is no way to show this on a graph, in a grade book, or in a chart, but I know that the learning that took place during this 30 minute discussion was very important to the growth of these young minds.


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