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Geniuses at Work!

IMG_1888.JPGWhat an awesome day we had yesterday!  We go to see all of the hard work that the kids have been putting in to their Genius Hour Projects!

I love these projects to much, not only because I get to see the amazing creativityIMG_1883.JPG that the students show, or because of the amazing food that I get to munch on, but because of all the cool things that I get to learn about in one day!

Yesterday, I learned that the oldest Baptist church in the United States is in Rhode Island.  I learned about famous blues singers from Tennessee, that Hawaii has two active volcanoes, that from the top of the highest peak in Tennessee, you can see 7 different states, and that the total population for the state of Alaska, is only about 4 times the amount of the Greater Lafayette area!

The kids really have worked hard on these projects, and I’m looking forward to next 9 weeks to seeing the amazing work that they accomplish.  Well done to you all, can’t wait for today’s presentations!  Enjoy the pics that are posted below, there really were some amazing things created for this!  Thanks parents so much for all of your time and effort helping to make these projects successful!








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