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Arguments about School Uniforms

IMG_2002-0.JPGTIMG_2003-0.JPGoday, we began our journey into our new unit of writing study based upon argument writing.  Now, I’m assuming there are some parents out there that are thinking to themselves, “Great, this crazy guys is now teaching my kid to argue better… just what I need!”  But, wait till you hear all the amazing reasons why teaching about argument writing is so important!

Being able to argue better will allow your children to begin to see different sides of situations, and become more informed individuals.  Argument writing will also help your students to evaluate their own opinions, become informed about both sides of an argument, and hopefully, keep an open mind to controversial points of view!

Today we talked a lot about the ongoing discussion of whether or not school uniforms are important, what their place is in education, and how our personal, gut opinions, may not always stay the same after doing some research.  The kids had some wonderful comments, some strong, valid points, but for the most part they remained open minded to the evidence that was presented to them from both sides of the argument.  What a great discussion we had.  I really look forward to seeing where this argument goes next!


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