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What a week!

Sometimes, I can not believe how much we are actually able to fit into one week.  This week has been pretty crazy, like most I guess.  The field trip yesterday was a huge success.  I hope that you were able to check out the pictures and video that I posted on the class Facebook page yesterday.  I have some more that I will try to put up as well.

At the Challenger trip, the students learned a lot about team work, being able to follow specific directions, which ties in well with a skill that we have been focusing on recently of “Close Reading”.  They were very well behaved, although very excited… which is expected.  The Challenger Center does a wonderful job of creating a very memorable experience for the kids, and they didn’t fail yesterday.  I loved it, and I hope that they took as much away from it as it appeared.

Rubik’s Cube
We have started working this week on our Rubik’s Cube unit.  I know it sounds silly, almost like we are just playing around with them, but there are some serious skills that the students can take away from them.  First, they learn about Spatial Reasoning.  The more they play with the Cube, the more they begin to understand it, and how each piece interacts with they others.  It’s not simple.  Second, they learn to develop Grit and Perseverance, two skills that are extremely important for intelligent individuals.  What will they do when they fail?  Will they give up?  Will they work to find a solution?  That’s the main goal in this, not solving them, but working to solve them!

5th Grade Math
We have started working with algebra this week.  I love algebra, I love teaching algebra.  Kids on the other hand… think it’s odd.  I try to relate algebra to everything else they have been doing in math up to this point.  They are simply finding a missing number, the same as: 1+1=x.
They’re doing great, but there will be nights of frustration.  We will take it slowly though, because in the end, I want the kids to understand it, and know that algebra is tough, but doable!

4th Grade Math

The 4th graders have done a great job this week as we have started working with fractions.  It’s been great so far but, that doesn’t mean that it won’t get difficult.  Pretty soon, we will begin working with bar models and that always presents some difficulty.  I’m sure that after two years with Miss Walter, that they will have a good background already.

Language Arts
This week, we have been going over our Language Arts acuity tests.  It’s been a long tough road, the tests aren’t easy, and they’re not very well written, in my opinion 🙂 but we are getting there!

Upcoming Events

Nov 27 – 28 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 2 Celebrate Indiana Program (4th Grade Classes, Not ours)
Dec 3 Acuity Science and Social Studies
Dec 11-12 Holiday Bazaar
Dec 12 Movie Night
Dec 19 End of Semester 1 / Winter Parties

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


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