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Veteran’s Day

IMG_2433IMG_2434Well, as most of you know, yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  We decided to take a small portion of our day to say a huge, “Thank You!” to all of the men and women who have served our country over the years.  I took the letters over the Veteran’s Home last night where I was greeted by an employee who, thankfully made it seem as though the Veterans there had IMG_2439received many, many letters already yesterday.  It’s great to live in a community where we have values and we share them with our children!

We talked about parents, grandparents and other relatives who have been in the military.  I hope that the students were able to go home and share a little bit of what we talked about with you, and if you did serve, that you were able to share a little of your experience with them.  So, from all of here in Room 32 at Dayton Elementary School, we offer up to you, a very sincere, Thank you!


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