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Passion Project

Hey Parents,

I just wanted to post a quick link about our Passion Projects that the students started to work on yesterday.  These projects are not meant to be done in as much depth or detail as our previous Genius Hour Projects.  They are solely meant to give the students an opportunity to share something that they are truly interested in, something that they have passion for!  It can be something that they want to learn about, something that they already know a lot about, something that they love doing, or something that just makes them happy.

For an example, I shared my love of running, and how that came about with the class.  I brought in different displays for them, such as my favorite running shoes, some medals that I had gotten over the years, and my GPS running watch.  They are all things that make running fun for me.

Please click on the link here (Passion Project), to find a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is the rubric that will be used to access them on their presentation.  You will notice that they will mainly be graded on preparation, and how much their interest in the topic of their choice comes through in their presentation.




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