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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

indexToday, we had the opportunity to learn about the late, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I reflected upon my history as a teacher.  When I started down my path in education, I had the opportunity to work at the Miller Child Learning Center at Purdue University.  Purdue, for those of you who do not know, has one of the highest populations of international students of any university in the country.  While there, I worked with children that ranged in ages from 2-5.  These children were sons and daughters of professors from India, students from China and Korea, graduate students from Africa, and teaching assistants from West Lafayette, Indiana.

It was beautiful.  There was never a mention of the color of someone’s skin, the shape of their face, or the language that they spoke at home.  Everyone was different and in their differences they were all the same.  They were children that were there to learn and to be loved by the numerous, diverse adults that were employed at the childcare center.

I very rarely share my personal opinions with the class as it is not my job as a teacher to influence their thoughts, but to guide them to be intelligent thinkers who, on their own should devise their own opinions.  Today, however, I felt compelled to do so.  On Martin Luther King Jr. day, I was thankful to have them attending school.  The snow days that we had, to me, were a blessing.  I am glad they were here, to learn and appreciate the work that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did for our country, to celebrate our differences, and our uniqueness.  The changes that he started, are still in progress today, and our students have to be the ones to see those changes through.


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