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Field Trip/Parent Teacher Conferences

Hi there Parents,

I just wanted to send home a few updates to you.  Coming home tonight, there is a form that your students have regarding our Chicago field trip that we are taking in May.  All of the information that you need regarding the field trip is there.  If you would like to accompany us on the trip, there is space for 5 parents.  The way that I will select them, if we have more than 5 volunteers, is to simply draw names out of a hat.  I want you to be aware that unfortunately, parents will still be required to pay the $55 fee for the trip.

The $55 fee for students will be collected in two separate installments.  Dates for these installments are listed on the form.

Also, I wanted to let you know, just in case the form was lost between school and home (Wink… wink) I sent home Parent Teacher Conference Forms last week.  They have times listed on them for our meeting time.  If you need to reschedule, please let me know.  I’m more than happy to find alternate times for us to meet!


Mr. Scott


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