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Spring is Here!

I hope that you all had a lovely Spring Break and enjoyed it with your kids.  I had a wonderful time.  My wife flew out to NYC to spend the week with one of her friends from the UK.  So, it was just The Duke and myself all week!  It was great, we had a wonderful time.

I told the kids on Monday, I could not believe it, but we only have 8 full weeks of school left… now, it’s down to 7!  I don’t know if you as parents feel this with your kids, but the school years just go by so quickly for me.  I can’t believe that it’s been 8 years now since my very first year of teaching!

Upcoming Events

We have some events that will be taking place next week here at school, so just to keep you posted on things, here they are:

Wednesday, April 8th– Wainwright Middle School Band  Concert 10:15-11am

Thursday, April 9th– Chicago field trip payment due

Thursday, April 9th– Instrument Rental Night : Wainwright Cafeteria (5th Graders going to Wainwright Only)

Friday, April 10th– Donuts for Dads

Math This week

I want to thank you for bearing with me this week on the math homework.  While I was planning out this week’s activities on Order of Operations, I decided that I really wanted to challenge them.  We have an incredible group of math students and every now and then, they need to be reminded themselves, of their own capabilities.  So, there may have been tears, and frustration, but by the end of the week, they were doing negative numbers, exponents, and working to solve some pretty complicated equations on their own!  I’m so proud of them!

Field Trip Update

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to all of you who volunteered to chaperon our field trip to Chicago.  It was awesome to have such a strong response.  I’m very sorry that we could not take all of the volunteers with us.

Please remember, the field trip is on Tuesday, May 12th.  There was a mistake on the original form saying the field trip was on a Thursday.

Make Up Days

Remember also, that due to the snow days that we had earlier in the school year, we will be required to make those days up on the following dates:

May 26 School in session (make up day for 1/8)
May 27 School in session (make up day for 1/12)
May 28 School in session (make up day for 3/3)


Mr. Scott


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