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This Week…

Greetings Parents and Students,

I just wanted to shoot everyone an update for the week, so that you are all aware of what is taking place regarding iStep Testing.

iStep Schedule This week:

As far as iStep is concerned, we will begin testing this week.  The actual test window is quite large.  The window is just a time frame that we need to have all of our tests completed within.  Sorry, I know that I shouldn’t have ended that last sentence with a preposition, but at least I recognized it.  

The testing window opens up this Thursday, and we will begin testing then.  I wanted to inform you all about the time change for our class though.  Due to the lack of computer lab space at Dayton, since we are quite tiny in comparison to other schools in the corporation, our lunch schedule will be adjusted on testing days.  We will be going to lunch, on testing days, at 11:00, eating with the Kindergarten students, then going to recess, and then coming back inside to take our tests.  

Testing days and times this week:

Thursday: 12:00-1:00

Friday:      12:00-1:00

I will post test dates and times for next week later on.  

As most of you already know, since we spoke about this during conferences, there was an increase in test quantity this year.  So, there are a lot of tests.  We have tried to spread them out as much as possible so that there is only 1-2 tests each day that the students are doing them.  Please feel free to shoot me a message anytime if you have questions. 




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