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Next Week…

image1Greetings everyone!

I hope that you had a wonderful week this week.  As we embark on the next round of iStep testing, I wanted to keep you filled in with our upcoming testing schedule.  We will be testing each day next week.  Again, we will keep to the same plan, our lunch schedule will be changed so that we can get on the computers as needed for the tests.  Our lunch time will be moved to 11:00 each day.  The students will then have recess, and then we will be testing at Noon.

As far as homework goes, we will have minimal homework over the next week and a half.  There will still be a few assignments here and there, but nothing overwhelming.

This Week:

We have had a very busy week here at Dayton Elementary.  image2Yesterday, children’s author/illustrator/artist, David Slonim came and shared some amazing incites, not only on his work, but on life in general with us.  I really loved watching the way that he engaged with the students, pulling ideas from them that inspired his illustrations.  A few of our 4th graders actually got a little more facetime with him as we snuck in after our tests were completed.  A big shout out to Trish Luban for organizing this for both Dayton, and Cole Elementary School.

Today, the counselor from Wea Ridge Middle School will be visiting us.  Believe it, or not, but it is getting close to time to image3ship these 5th graders off to middle school!  I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone, just like all the rest.

I had two awards ceremonies this week.  One on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday.  Thank you all for your support this school year.  Receiving the Golden Apple Award really meant a lot to me.  There are a lot more teachers out there who deserve this award, so remember in the future to nominate some of those amazing people!

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with my family!  I hope that you are all able to enjoy a bit of downtime and togetherness as well!




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