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This Summer


I just wanted to inform you that for some reason, IXL has not been accessible this summer.  I have been informed by TSC adminstrators that they are working to find out what is going on with this. 

Also, just in case some of you are interested in keeping your students busy this summer, here a few other options.  

Trish Luban did however tell me that if you are interested, it’s relatively cheap to set up your own account right now, and that they are running a summertime math incentive.  IXL will be giving away Samsung Galaxies to high achieving students in different levels in return for their hard work.  So, check it out.  
Summer Reading

Take a look at the link above.  They are literally going to pay your students to read books this summer and do a book report.  I have never heard of anything like this before.  (Thanks Carrie Dempewolf for the tip)  We are talking $20 + per book.  I wish that AR was set up this same way.

– Accelerated Reader

Anything that the students read throughout the summer, I will add into their points for the 1st 9 weeks.  For example, if they set their goal for 40 points, and they read and take quizzes on 30 points worth of books this summer, their school year will start off nice and relaxing for them.  

Khan Academy

– Khan Academy will be up and running all summer long.  This web-based math instructional site is free and anyone in my class last year has an account already set up for them. 


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