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In the Right Place, at the Right Time

This morning, I woke up extra early with a goal in mind.  10k.  It’s hard to do this before school because of the sheer time constraints that school provides.  Sure, the kids don’t arrive until just about 9 o’clock, but running early in the morning takes time. Get out of bed stretch, get dressed, get ready, walk outside.  Then there is the post run, the cool down that takes time.  I have to help get Duke ready in the morning as well and then upon arrival at school there is all of the prep for the day.  So, to get 10k in befor school, I have to wake up somewhere between 4 and 4:30.  It’s pretty early. 

  The morning however, was perfect.  The sky was clear, there was a light breeze that signified prefect running weather.  As I got about 2 miles into my run, I looked up and saw a shooting star. I have only seen a few of these in my life, so I took a moment to reflect on that piece of Burning rock shooting across the sky. It made me think about our class. I knew right then that I was in the right place at the right time. And after two weeks of school, I hope that your students are feeling like they are in the right place at the right time being in our classroom.  I know it’s only the second full week of school, but I am amazed at how the pieces and the personalities are falling perfectly in place.  We have hard workers, great personalities, and all around wonderful individuals in our room, and for that I am grateful!  It made me think that as their teacher how grateful I am and I know that like this morning, seeing that shooting star, while in the classroom with those kids, I am in the right place at the right time!  



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