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How do you Treat Others?

Today in class, we had a long community circle lesson based that prompted students to think about the way that they treat other human beings, especially people who are different from ourselves.  This stemmed from the introductory chapters of a book called, “Auggie and Me.”  This is a collection of three short stories that diverge from their predecessor, “Wonder”, a book about a boy, August Pullman who was born with many physical impairments, and wants nothing more than to be treated ‘normal’.

We had a long discussion about the way that we react to others, and the way that we respond to the situations that life throws at us in which we are not always sure what our response should be.  We learned from the book that if our response is to be kind, and our heart is in the right place, then whatever we say or do, whether right, or wrong, was done with kind intentions.

We then went on to watch a video about a real life, ‘Auggie’.  Please take a few minutes to check out the story of the young woman below.  She’s been through so much, and we found her to be so inspirational.  I do hope that as your students are in my classroom for these two years, that they learn so much, but I hope more than anything they learn to be good people who care about others and who are not afraid to be kind.

Lizzie Velazquez


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