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Wednesday, January 6th

Well, we’ve got two great days in so far!  We have started working on a new reading unit this 9 weeks based around different works within the fantasy genre.  We have established that there are 3 main types of settings in the genre itself, The Real World, an Established Fantasy World, and a genre that has grown in popularity since the release of the Hunger Games series, the Dystopian Society.   The students did a wonderful job last 9 weeks with our informational texts, but I think that they were all ready to move on.

Speaking of informational texts, we will continue looking into them as we dive into our informational text unit.  Yesterday, we looked back on some past work by former student, Halle Gualajara.  We are going to focus on our text, Hoosiers and the American Story, which ties the history of the Great state of Indiana into the larger history of the United States.


Language Arts: IXL 6.A.2

Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms


4th: IXL P.31 Workbook 63-64

5th: IXL I.2 Workbook Pages 21-24





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