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Tuesday, January 26th


We had a wonderful day of learning today!  Just to update you on a few things that we are doing in the classroom.  Currently, in writing, we are creating an information book based on a topic of their choice.  The students are going to be working to contact an expert in the field of their topic so that they can use them as a direct source for their books.   Also in writing, we will be having a journalist from the Journal and Courier come into our classroom this Thursday to share a little bit about the writing profession with our class!

I would like to thank, Amber Vanaman for coming in and volunteering in our classroom this 9 weeks.  She is teaching the class about entrepreneurship through the Junior Achievement program.  The kids loved it last week and are looking forward to it again tomorrow!


4th Grade Math: Workbook Pages 107-110

5th Grade Math: None (Test today)

Language Arts: IXL 6.R.1-6.R.2

Writing Sources (Google Classroom)


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