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This week, as part of our informational writing, we have been looking for experts in our field of study whom we could communicate with, asking them questions that would further our research.  Sometimes, we have to be understanding that these people may not always respond to our request for information, however when they do respond, we need to celebrate!

Yesterday, I was thrilled when Dylan got a response from Jorgen Vig Knudstorp!  If you are like me, you have probably never heard that name before, however you may know him better as the CEO of a company called, LEGO.  I was floored!  Eden got a response from Raul Gutierrez, the CEO of an APP company called, Tinybop.
They are the creators of a great APP called, the Human Body.   Finally, Sagan got a response from an amazing musician regarding guitars.  His name is John Scofield.  

It truly is an amazing thing when children ask questions.  It’
s even better when adults are willing to listen and take the time to support their interests.




4Th: IXL P.23 117-122

5th: IXL T.3 Graph

Current Events (Google Classroom)

Spelling Test tomorrow Units 9 & 10


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