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Classroom Government

Today, we took place in a very interesting classroom experiment.  We are looking at the different branches of our federal government, and as part of this, we elected different members of our class to different positions.  Each student is either the president, the vice president, a supreme court justice, or a member of the house or senate.  We are conducting a mock bill approval process.  The premise of that being that Mrs. Wildoner has received a grant for our school for $5,000.  She has 3 options of how to distribute the money.

  1. Each of the girls in the 5th grade will have the opportunity to attend a women in technology conference
  2. 10 iPads will be bought for the school that will be shared
  3. A new playground will be built for students in K-2

The class had an amazing debate today, arguing their stances on each of the different options.  Tomorrow, we will holding a vote to see if any of the options will be able to pass and be made into law.

Tonight, the students will be taking part in a classroom discussion forum in which they will be encouraged to share their views and use evidence they are able to find to support their ideas.  This will take place in Google Classroom, and I encourage you to take a look at it.



Vocab: Synonyms and Antonyms

AR reading.  Keep working towards those goals.


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