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A Whole Lot Going On

Well… like the title states, we’ve got a whole lot going on.  Today, we worked on our Fantasy Masks, they are coming along nicely.  Unfortunately, I don’t think everyone is going to finish prior to the end of the day tomorrow, so we may need to work on them a little over the weekend.

As part of our physics unit, we took a look today at air resistance and lift.  To illustrate these ideas, we designed two separate paper airplanes and took them to the gym and found different attributes that would allow the planes to either stay up in the air longer, or to allow them to travel a further distance.  It was fun, and educational, and hey, who doesn’t like throwing paper airplanes at school.

Tomorrow is the close of the 3rd nine weeks, I can’t believe how quickly this school year has gone by.  We are doing some amazing things in class though.  I have promised to turn our 4th grade students into algebra wizards by the end of the school year.  My goal is to have them be the strongest algebra class that I have ever taught!  5th graders are still working on geometry, there are so many amazing concepts to go over.

We are also working on a new literary essay unit.  The focus of the unit is a picture book titled, Fox.  It is one of the most thought provoking books that I have ever read, and it’s only a picture book.  Talk with your students about it.  I’m sure that they will have a lot to say.



5th Grade Math: 137-142

4th Grade Math: Algebra Sheet Circled Problems

AR Goals due tomorrow

Vocab Test

Physics Observation Sheet


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