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Algebra Time!


I just wanted to take a minute out to share how impressed I have been with your kids this past week and a half.  We have been taking an amazing adventure down the road more commonly known as ALGEBRA!

I started working very slowly last week with the 4th graders and I couldn’t have been more proud.  They have picked up on the basics and are completing their work neatly, and accurately while following all of the rules of algebra.  Today, we brought the 5th graders into the mix.  As most of this was a review for the majority of them, they picked up on the new skills fairly quickly.

This is not easy math that we are doing.  I have been very clear when instructing the students throughout the school year, that for many things in math, I support them trying to solve problems on their own.  I have however been very clear in addressing that I expect them to solve these problems step by step and showing their work throughout.  Even though this is tedious at times, they have worked hard at mastering this skill, and I truly appreciate their effort.


Thursday: Blue, the mascot from the Indianapolis Colts will be at our school

Friday: Pajama Day and we will be watching the movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Friday is also the last day of school before Spring Break.


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