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Google Google Google

Well, it’s been a busy weekend for me.  I’ve spent the last two days at the EdTech Google Summit down in Franklin Indiana.  Needless to say, my mind is completely blown right now.  As the weekend is coming to a close, I’m marveling at how little I actually knew, and still how little I actually know.

I love opportunities like this.  They really allow me as an educator the opportunity to reflect on things that I am doing in the classroom, and it gives me a chance to come up with some new things to share in the classroom.  So, hopefully over the next few weeks of school, your kids will be able to share some of these new things with you as well.


I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that this week we will be having our final round of iStep testing.  Your students may or may not have told you much about it.  I try to keep it pretty low key in hopes that they will not be getting stressed out about it.  I’m never very sure whether or not this works, but that’s my rationale.  So, send them in each day this week with a smile, a full belly, and the knowledge that they are amazing.  I’ll do my best to send them home with a confident smile!





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