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Today, we managed to get the majority of our first NWEA test completed.  
For those of you not aware, TSC has opted to participate in a new test called NWEA. The goal of this test is to measure what our students know and to look for areas of need. It can be frustrating as the students progress through the test because there are many skills that have never been touched on . We are not expecting them to get all of the questions correct,simply for them to try their best so that we may have a pictureof where they are as learners.  
So, that being said, some students may be frustrated at the end of the day, but I’m pleased to say they worked incredibly hard.  
Weekend Update:
One of my friends is mgetting arried this weekend and will be attending his wedding in Colorado. As a result, I will be out tomorrow and Monday but will be returning Tuesday. I have already notified the students about this, and have let them know my expectations are to demonstrate better behavior for others than me.  
Vocabulary: completing the sentence Test Tomorrow

And now, for your viewing pleasure: Tucker doing he worm in slow motion . 


2 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Great video, love playing with the slow motion! Have fun on your trip. Hope Jesse did on the NWEA testing. My 8th grade home schooler takes the same test 3 times a year! It helps teachers see progress and achievement!


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    1. Ahhh thank you! I am really looking forward to getting feedback from the assessment as well, but more than anything, I appreciate the students working hard and their patience!


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