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The Cube, AR, Homework, Spelling/Vocab

Well, you probably have seen that the Cubes came home today.  My hope is that the kids will struggle with them, but learn to overcome the adversity that they provide and teach them how to work through problems.  I have created a Rubik’s cube Wall of Fame in the classroom, and if they can solve it in front of us, in class, or at home, (you need to record them) they get to sign it!  

AR Goals:

This is mainly for 4th grade parents.  We do AR Goals differently in our classroom.  At the start of each 9 weeks, the students choose their own AR goal for that 9 weeks.  Part of their reading grade is based on the percentage of how closely their are to achieving their goal.  If I see that a student has set their goal too high, I will more than likely ask them to keep their high goal, and work towards it.  I would rather have them work hard to meet a lofty goal for themselves, than to lower their goal to something easier.  

The students are also placed onto AR teams.  The team that has the highest percentage towards their individual goals will earn a free lunch out at DAYTON Station with me at the end of the 9 weeks.  


The way that our Spelling/Vocabulary works, is that every two weeks, the students will have a new set of words.  The first week, the students will study the vocabulary for meaning and understanding and they will have a vocabulary test at the end of the first week.  I do the tests on a web based application called Socrative.  Their grades will be entered into the grade book then.  So please, check those grades as there is no paper that goes home with them.  

The second week, the students will continue to study the words, with more of a spelling focus.  Their studying will be mostly independent.  I have opted to have them practice the words using Quizlet, a web app.  It has flash cards, and games that are pretty cool, but help them to master the words as well.  On Friday of the second week, they will have. Spelling test on Socrative, in which, they will be provided with the definition of the word, and they will need to type the correct spelling.  Again, grades will go directly into the grade book.  



5th Grade: IXL C.1 and C.2 (Discuss with parents different methods of multiplication)

4th Grade: IXL 6.E.4

Quizlet for Spelling Words


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