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Email Etiquette

As 4th and 5th graders, each student is provided with an email address through the Tippecanoe School Corporation.  Last year, for the first time, I decide that it was important for students to learn email etiquette.  Tonight, as part of their homework, students are to create an email, using their TSC email account, and send it to me, following the email guidelines that we talked about in class.

Each email should:

  1. Be addressed to me
  2. Have a subject line
  3. Contain a greeting
  4. Contain a body
  5. Contain a closing
  6. Contain a signature of their choice

Along with these requirements, students must also make their emails professional, punctuated and spelled correctly.  I do this in hopes that as they get older and begin to correspond with employers, teachers, and professors, that they are in good habits and know what to expect when dealing with them.


4th Grade Math: Ch. 2 Review.  We will go over your estimation in more detail tomorrow in class.

5th Grade Math: P. 29-35

Spelling: Practice words on Quizlet (Spelling Test Friday)


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