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I love…

Today, the students were asked to write me a letter telling me one thing about themselves that I probably didn’t know about them. 

I provided them this example:

Dear Class,

When I was younger, school was easy for me. I was in the high ability program that we had at Battle Ground. It was fun. Middle School was easy for me. I didn’t have to study for anything! Then… I went to high school. Things became more and more difficult. I didn’t know how to study. I had no habits, or routines. My grades were ok, but not good. Then, my junior year, I failed 3 final exams. I ended up with 2 D’s on my report card. Things were tough all of a sudden, and i didn’t know what to do to change this because I didn’t have the skills in place that most people learn when they are younger. I hope you can learn from my mistakes. 


Mr. Scott

I know I am loud and crazy at times, but I want each an every student to know that I care about them more than they will ever know and that I don’t want them to make mistakes that I made.  They are amazing people and I want to help them to make good choices, to be kind people, and to learn how to be strong.  

I love seeing what they can do outside the classroom, where their hidden talents lie, and where their passions exist.  Here is an example: our very own Sarah Luban ​​


Have a wonderful weekend! 


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