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End of the First 9 Weeks

Well, that’s it people, we have one in the books!  I want to thank all of you, parents, and students for your hard work throughout the first 9 weeks of the school year.  This group that we have right now, has been absolutely amazing and I’m very grateful to have been able to work with them so far, and am truly looking forward to seeing the growth that they make over the course of the school year.

AR Goals:

We had more students meet their AR goals in the first 9 weeks, than I ever have had in a single 9 weeks before as a teacher, so well done to all of you for setting lofty goals, and for working so hard to achieve them!

Also, we had 2 AR teams that both met 100% of their goal for the 9 weeks. Please look out for permission forms as I will be taking them out to lunch next week for pizza at Dayton Station.

Social Studies:

Social Studies projects look amazing, and I’m looking forward to presentations next week.  Great job everyone!

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Just a reminder to all that parent teacher conferences will be held next Tuesday and Thursday.  Confirmation letters were sent home last week, so if you have not received one as of yet, lets just act like it was lost in translation between school and home!  Just let me know though, and I will be glad to get you another!

Have a wonderful weekend!







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