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3-D Printing, Plays, Video Games, and Pentominos

I wanted to take a minute to share some awesome things that have happened this week in class.  First, I have really enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm that the students and all of you parents have been putting into working with the pentominos!  Keep sending me the pictures as they come in!

Also, Jesse, Ben, and Killian have been working very hard to produce a game in Social Studies, as have all the other students, however they decided that they wanted to make a video game.  They have been using Scratch to do so.  It’s pretty impressive to me!

We have some amazing young people in this class who have been working hard, completely on their own to create a play about Greek Mythology.  Ava C, Hadley, Janae, Sarah, Kylee, Elijah, Drew, Claire (I’m sorry if I missed someone), have been working ferociously since before Christmas to produce this and they will finally get in front of part of the student body next week to produce their work!  I am so impressed that they have taken this upon themselves with no prompting whatsoever.

Finally, Jack R. got on the computer today and created our very first 3D Model.  Here’s a picture. I’ve never tried this out with anyone before.  Pretty impressive, if you ask me!


Parents, you have some amazing children, and I thank you for the opportunity to work with them!  Keep on being awesome!




Mr. Scott


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