I’m trying to put together everyone’s contact details via a short Google Survey.  Please click the link above to get to the survey.

Also attached to the bottom is a question regarding permission to post pictures to our classroom social media pages.


If the sky is the limit, then why are there footprints on the moon?

About Me

This coming school year will be my 9th year teaching.  I’ve had a very unique career thus far.  My first year in the classroom was spent teaching at Wea Ridge Elementary.  After that, things grew quite unconventional.  I decided to leave the area for a little while, so I hopped on a plane and flew to England, where I taught in East London for four years.  While there, I was deported a total of two times.  If you ever have the opportunity to sit an listen to me talk for a long period of time, I will gladly share all of my adventures with you!

Upon completion of my European expedition, I returned here and was lucky enough to get a job working at Dayton Elementary where I have been now for 2 full years.  This will be my 2nd year teaching in the High Ability classroom.  I am totally enjoying working with these students!

My classroom management philosophy is somewhat different from many teachers. You will notice as I write this, I don’t talk about the classroom, and the class as if it is mine. I will use words like “ours” and “we” frequently. When I look at a classroom, the teacher should take the lead, but the students need to buy into the teacher’s system. It’s not my classroom, it’s ours. We take pride in what we do there, and the way that we treat each other. I hold myself to the same classroom expectations that I hold my students to.

Supply List
Expectations for OUR classroom:

  1. Humor.
    1. We laugh WITH each other, not AT each other.
    2. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
    3. We smile at our mistakes AND then we learn from them!
      i. In my opinion, this is a life skill that is often overlooked. Having a sense of
      humor, being able to laugh with each other, or even at yourself is a key skill to
      getting through life in a positive way. We all make mistakes, why not enjoy the
      mistakes and learn from them instead of beating ourselves up becoming afraid
      to fail.
  2. One single word “RESPECT”. Aretha Franklin sang an amazing song about it.
    1. Have respect for yourself.
    2. Have respect for those around you.
    3. Have respect for your property and the property of others.
      i. If we all follow this expectation, then we will all get along very well with one
  3. Pride
    1. We take pride in ourselves
    2.  We take pride in our work
    3. We take pride in the way that we treat each other
    4. We take pride in our education


  1. As far as homework goes, I’m not here to pile it on.  Students will frequently have vocabulary homework, and will have math almost every night.  They will often have reading assignments, but if they don’t, the expectation is there for them to be reading something of their choice.  My goal is to have each of my students not simply reading because they are asked to, but because they want to, because they love to!

Classroom Behavior

I have high expectations for student behavior.  At the same time, I understand that no one is perfect.  I will handle most behavior issues on my own in the classroom.  I use negative behavior as a learning opportunity.  We work through issues together, and hopefully turn them into a positive experience.

In most instances, there will not be any parent notification, however, if I see recurring behavior that is not changing, I will call, or email parents so that together, we can fix things.

In the rare case that there is something extreme, a student will be sent to the office.  In this case, expect immediate notification, from myself, or Mrs. Wildoner.

Digital Citizenship

Students spend a large portion of their time working on the computer, or other electronic devices.  Digital Citizenship is just as important as classroom behavior.  It’s our job as educators to ensure that students know and understand appropriate use of digital learning tools as well.

While using digital learning tools, students should:

  1. Remain focused and on task
  2. Be respectful of others
  3. Ensure appropriate content whenever possible
  4. If something inappropriate is viewed, notify the teacher
  5. Help others when they are struggling

Electronic Devices:

  1. I encourage the use of electronic devices in the classroom, they are allowed, but by no means required.  We will have a number of laptops provided already for student use in our room.
  2. Students must bring in a written note from their parents/guardians saying that they have permission to use electronic devices in the classroom with the understanding that I am not responsible for theft/damage to anyone’s devices.
  3. Students will be allowed to use their tablets/laptops/iPhones for reading purposes, research, and many other classroom activities.

Classroom Grading Policy:

90%-100% A
80%-89%   B
70%-79%   C
60%-69%   D
59% and below F

When report cards arrive, you will notice that subjects are broken apart into different skill areas.  To help you out, here is the breakdown for math:

– Geometry
– Operations and Algebraic Thinking
– Number and Operations: Base Ten
– Measurement and Data
– Number and Operations: Fractions

Specials Schedule:

  1. Monday: PE
  2. Tuesday: ART
  3. Wednesday: LIBRARY
  4. Thursday: COMPUTER LAB
  5. Friday: MUSIC

Contact Details:

So, I’m kind of into gadgets and technology as you will find out this school year.  The good thing for you, is that this enables me to communicate with you in a variety of ways.  To some of your disappointment, I do not do a physical news letter.  I do however update our classroom website regularly, usually multiple times per week.  In fact, last year, I updated a total of 76 times, which worked out to more than 2 times per week so, this should provide you with more up to date information than a normal newsletter would.

To make it even easier for you, whenever there is an update on the website, this will be posted directly to our classroom Facebook page, and our classroom Twitter account.  I have also created a classroom Instagram page this year.  The Instagram account is private though so, if you want to check out the pics, then you will need to ask for permission.

Beau Scott

instagram: Dayton.HA


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