Classroom Expectations

Expectations for OUR classroom:

  1. Humor.
    1. We laugh WITH each other, not AT each other.
    2. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
    3. We smile at our mistakes AND then we learn from them!
      i. In my opinion, this is a life skill that is often overlooked. Having a sense of
      humor, being able to laugh with each other, or even at yourself is a key skill to
      getting through life in a positive way. We all make mistakes, why not enjoy the
      mistakes and learn from them instead of beating ourselves up becoming afraid
      to fail.
  2. One single word “RESPECT”. Aretha Franklin sang an amazing song about it.
    1. Have respect for yourself.
    2. Have respect for those around you.
    3. Have respect for your property and the property of others.
      i. If we all follow this expectation, then we will all get along very well with one
  3. Pride
    1. We take pride in ourselves
    2.  We take pride in our work
    3. We take pride in the way that we treat each other
    4. We take pride in our education


Classroom Behavior

I have high expectations for student behavior.  At the same time, I understand that no one is perfect.  I will handle most behavior issues on my own in the classroom.  I use negative behavior as a learning opportunity.  We work through issues together, and hopefully turn them into a positive experience.

In most instances, there will not be any parent notification, however, if I see recurring behavior that is not changing, I will call, or email parents so that together, we can fix things.

In the rare case that there is something extreme, a student will be sent to the office.  In this case, expect immediate notification, from myself, or Mrs. Wildoner.