Digital Citizenship

Students spend a large portion of their time working on the computer, or other electronic devices.  Digital Citizenship is just as important as classroom behavior.  It’s our job as educators to ensure that students know and understand appropriate use of digital learning tools as well.

While using digital learning tools, students should:

  1. Remain focused and on task
  2. Be respectful of others
  3. Ensure appropriate content whenever possible
  4. If something inappropriate is viewed, notify the teacher
  5. Help others when they are struggling

Electronic Devices:

  1. I encourage the use of electronic devices in the classroom, they are allowed, but by no means required.  We will have a number of laptops provided already for student use in our room.
  2. Students must bring in a written note from their parents/guardians saying that they have permission to use electronic devices in the classroom with the understanding that I am not responsible for theft/damage to anyone’s devices.
  3. Students will be allowed to use their tablets/laptops/iPhones for reading purposes, research, and many other classroom activities.